Saint Petersburg in the summer:

Although I had already been to Saint Petersburg in the winter the summer is a completely different story. The flair of the city becomes very warm and the beauty of the buildings, parks and palaces seems more vivid in the sunlight. Plus, it hurts less because you don’t feel like the wind is just unbearably cold.

The highlights in pictures of a 3 day trip I made with my girlfried are listed below. It is a even more of a crazy city in the summer as you can see. I could now take some time to write a description of all the places in the pictures below but instead I thought I keep this as a quest: those who want to find out about the depicted places can do so through their own research independently. These places are all well-known so it should not be too hard. Saint Petersburg is one of these cities where having done a little bit of research is useful. Enjoy the pics!